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Galleria Huuto is one of Helsinki's go-to art galleries for a variety of reasons.First of all, it has the uniqueness of being located in two places. Its first location, Uudenmaankatu, is in the Punavuori district, otherwise known as Helsinki's design destrict. This gallery is smaller, and usually showcases more traditional mediums, such as painting or photography. More recently Huuto branched out and opened a venue, Jätkäsaari, in Helsinki's dock harbor neighborhood. This gallery is bigger, and has 3 different exhibition spaces: Jätkä 1 and 2, and smaller room for video artists.You can almost always find someone to talk to you about the different art pieces there, which is agreeable and not always the case in contemporary art venues.Huuto makes it a point not to specialize in a certain genre: it is open to a variety of different contemporary international artists, and targets especially younger emerging artists as well as experimental art. More like an art collective than a gallery per sae, Huuto functions a lot on a voluntary-based model, and collaborates with a number of other institutions, such as Helsinki International Art Program (HIAP).When we visited Huuto for our article, we had the chance to encounter three special artist shows, which  gives you a good idea of Huuto's philosophy:

Jätkä 2 Emilia Niskasaari, Pirjetta Brander, Landfill

The Helsinki based-duo Emilia Niskasaari and Pirjetta Brander have created an installation made of recycled cardboard paper, Landfill, which gives an anguishing feel of birds smashing into one another, but also, paradoxically, leaves you with an ethereal impression of a child's room left behind after chaos.

For more information: Pirjetta Brander: // www.pirjettabrander.comEmilia Niskasaari:

Jätkä 1 Videokaffe, Standing alone

Videokaffe an international and interdisciplinary art collective that created an interactive installation, Standing Alone, for its show at Huuto. Standing Alone means that each piece is of a different member of a collective, and can be viewed in itself. 

For more information: //

Pikkujätkä Hinni Huttunen, 

Finnish artist Hinni Huttunen screened in Huuto's video room, Sleeveless/Fearless :  a video work which questions our relationship to beauty norms, while the artist's arms jiggle in a hypnotic-type trance, as the video loops. 

Galleria Huuto Lounge area
When entering the venue you feel like you are in a big artist loft in Brooklyn. The atmosphere is laid back, the ceilings high, and there is a general art-friendly atmosphere to the place.

For more information:

Address: Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki, PL 200, 00221 HKI
Phone: + 358 9 676330


Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki, PL 200, 00221 HKI
Phone: + 358 9 676330




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