Cafe Suvanto

Café Suvanto would be the perfect example of the Finnish word Kotoisa, or “cozy home-like feeling”… Nestled in a corner of a busy avenue, the café is a haven in cold Helsinki days : a warm charming place where people can stop by anytime for nice cup of locally brewed coffee from KaffeObscura or for a light lunch, made of homemade soups and sandwiches. The place also offers delicious extended breakfasts everyday and you can buy there local and organic food as well, e.g. different sorts of oatmeal or barley and wheat flakes from Mustion Mylly Organic.  In the warmer seasons, you can enjoy a nice smoothie on their outside terrace.  

Inside Out Helsinki recommends: delicious Hörhö avocado smoothie and chocolate Rocky Road cake.

Café Suvanto - whose name comes from the street it is located on (Suvannontie) - was founded a year ago by Ulla Maija Hänninen and Marita Suontausta. The place has had many past lives: it was first a secret bar, before being a butchershop and then a food and lifestyle photo studio, where Ulla was working as a photographer and Marita, a journalist.  The idea of creating an alternative cozy lifestyle café stemmed from their common experience working for the studio.

Fun fact : When doing the interview, we found out that Ulla comes from the same town, Saarijärvi, as founder Hanna Råst, and used to play with her aunts and uncles during grade school.

Coming up : Suvanto is going to host starting March 18th, every 3rd Wednesday of the Month, a live acoustic music night, in collaboration with Hilland records (more information below).  

Further information:

Address: Suvannontie 18, 00510 Helsinki

Telephone 010 5053400


Opening times:

Mon: closed
Tue-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm
Sat: 10 am -5 pm

Sun: 10 am - 1 pm

Tea from Johan &Nyström
Oatmeals, Barley & Wheat flakes from Mustion Mylly
Coffee from KaffeObscura

Hilland Records Acoustic Nights, starting March 18th, 2015  


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