This week, Inside Out Helsinki is taking you to a special place ... Seurasaari island which is located northwest of the capital. The island is accessible by bridge and is best known for its wildlife, diverse nature and lack of population. On about a third of its area, it houses an outdoor museum which groups typical old buildings that come from different parts of Finland. They have not been built on site, but brought here. The museum was founded in 1909, it houses buildings and structures dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  If visiting old museum houses isn't your thing, you can relish in a walk in the forest, set up a picnic in a park or sit next to the seashore.

Seurasaari also has its own outdoor swimming area where you can swim in the nude (women's and men's areas are separated). The island has cafes with one right in the entrance after the famous bridge view. They offer traditional, good cinnamon rolls and coffee for instance, and savory dishes also if you happen to have a bigger appetite. 

As Hannah explains what makes up the charm of the place:
My favorite part of the place is the animals - and they are friendly! You can spot squirrels, gooses, and many kind of little birds from great tits to great spotted woodpecker for example.

One really great tip for another kind of adventure is to book a canoe from Regatta Cafe (see our next post about the place) in Töölö and head to Seurasaari by water. You can definitely see parts of Helsinki from a completely different view!

Further information:

How to get there: From the city center take bus 24 towards Seurasaari (e.g. bus travels through Mannerheimintie and stops at Erottaja and Lasipalatsi). Seurasaari is the final stop and it leaves you straight in front of the bridge leading to the island.

The area is free of charge but some of the open air museums have an entrance fee. See more from their open air museum website.

Address: Seurasaari Island, Helsinki FI-00250, Finland

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