Musta Kissa

Musta Kissa means “Black cat” in Finnish. We aren’t going to be introducing you here to the latest witchcraft store, but to a tiny original bar in the heart of Kallio, Helsinki’s district known for its’ artistic and international diverse crowd and bustling activity. For its current owner, Huss, Kallio is the very heart of Helsinki : a place for everyone.. the place to be.

Musta Kissa was originally founded by 2 French guys, Christophe and Fabian, who wanted to create a bar with a living room kind of atmosphere: where you can feel cozy and welcome. In 2012, the place was rebought by Huss, but has kept this ambiance. The crowd at Musta Kissa is very international, and the feeling, laid back. The bar is tiny, so the experience of being there is one of intimacy. You often have to share a table with other people, so it’s a great place to chat and meet new faces.

Black Cat’s future plans are to have a summer terrace but also open the place to other art forms: e.g. creating exhibition walls and continuing the live music nights. The bar is also collaborating with other venues in Kallio (such as restaurants, and different art collectives) and is planning on extending the open mic night to poetry, performance and dance as well.

=> good to know: Musta Kissa collaborated with Kallio venues to create a CD with local artists who have been playing there. 

Further information:

Address: Toinen Linja 15, 00530 Helsinki
Telephone: 040 7711 785
Opening hours :
Mon: closed

Tues-Sun: 5 pm-2am 


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