Döner Harju

Our special place this week is Döner Harju. It is a small and cozy restaurant in the heart of Kallio, or actually Harju, the area just next to Kallio. The districts of Helsinki tend to be small, but all in all Kallio, Harju, Alppila and Vallila are the top ones where to go right know. And that’s something the owners of Döner Harju figured out when they set up their restaurant.

One evening the owners were discussing their favorite foods over a few beers. Soon after they ended up ordering the biggest döner machine they could find. The next morning they had to find purpose for their machine. That’s where Döner Harju’s story begun. Both owners have a long history working as chefs in different places. In Döner Harju they want to serve the best: in their delicious selection you can find food for both meat lovers and vegetarians. They serve lamb, chicken and seitan daily and always have something special on the side such as pork, moose or veal. Side dishes include bulgur, couscous, various salads and beetroot to name a few. Everything is served with herbs, olive oil, lemon and garlic. The most popular dish is Lamb Döner, which we also warmly recommend you to taste. The well-grilled lamb adds a crispy taste and is mixed together with yoghurt, tomato sauce and herbs to form a perfect combination. And their food is not the only recommendable thing. It is definitely the atmosphere itself, made by the staff and clients, which creates a cozy feeling to the place.

Döner Harju is open from early midday until late evening. The day starts with the lunch menu (9,90€) including a main course, the soup of the day and coffee. During lunchtime the place is bustling and the murmur of cheerful chatting fills the air. Towards the evening Döner Harju serves bread döner and plates that range between 9-15€. Besides the dinner, we recommend that you taste their selection of beers and wines, especially the Moroccan red wine. We asked what Döner Harju would recommend to our readers and they cherished the evenings, especially weekends. On Friday and Saturday evenings you can experience a busy but intimate atmosphere when the locals prepare themselves for the weekend. The staff is relaxed and works fast, you can just admire.

The restaurant scene in Helsinki is changing fast and new, interesting restaurants are opening all the time. Just a few years ago you could easily check through all the best restaurants in Helsinki, but no more. Many skilled chefs are doing their own thing, which brings variety and every place has something unique to offer. Döner Harju’s future looks promising: they opened a new restaurant called Palema in the Teurastamo area, which serves classic Finnish food.

The owners also visited Berlin not so long ago and found a Rolls Royce grill. It’s a three-meter charcoal grill made of stainless steel, bricks and glass. They bought it and now they have to find a place for it…

Döner Harju

Address: Fleminginkatu 23, 00500 Helsinki
Phone: 045 180 5868
Website: http://www.donerharju.fi/
Opening times:
Monday - Thursday: 10:30 - 22
Friday: 10:30 - 23
Saturday: 12 - 23
Sunday: 13 - 21


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