Cafe Regatta

Usually, here at Inside Out Helsinki we make a point to talk about hidden Helsinki treasures, away from the main touristic highlights. However, rules are made to be broken, and this week we'll talk to you about a well known café, for which we have a true coup de coeur: Café Regatta.  As co-founder, Hanna Råst, explains: 
Regatta is definitely worth mentioning: I recommend visiting the place either early in the morning or late in the afternoon / evening when it’s more quiet and the atmosphere is beautiful. Also for those seeking something different: try the winter days and get some hot chocolate with whipped cream to warm you up.
 The café, open all year round, is listed as number 1 on Trip advisor in its café category, and a hot topic in Japanese magazines and Scandinavia books.

Cafe Regatta was founded by Raine Korpela. It's like he brought a piece of countryside, or Lapland even, right in the middle of Helsinki. It can best be described as a quaint small wooden hut located right next to Sibelius park in Töölö. It was originally built at the end of 19th century when Paulig, a famous family of coffee makers, built the place for fishermen to store their fishing nets. Outside, the red walls and tables contrast with their white surroundings. Inside, the decor is worthy of your grandma's attic. Vintage chic, cosy cottage-like, where you can snuggle and read antique Finnish comics. Small scattered garlands and candles give the place a warm and friendly atmosphere. Inside there are around 4 tables where you can sit down. Outside there is a big terrace with a fireplace and seaside view.
Regatta offers a wide selection of baked goods, like cinnamon rolls and scrumptious blueberry pie, but also typical drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. You can also have Karelian pastries and other savory treats such as salmon bread.
=> Good to know: their speciality is to pay back 5 cents for each coffee re-fill - but prepare to wait in a line, which can sometimes be very long since the place is very popular.

It's more busy during summer months, but we think it’s definitely worth visiting during the winter time as well.
=> Insider tip : If the sea is frozen, there’s usually even a ice skating spot next to Regatta for those looking for a perfect way to spent their winter days.
As we mentioned in our previous post on Seurasaari, next to the Cafe Regatta runs “Melontareitit” and “SUPregatta” where you can rent canoes, kayaks and SUP boards to explore Helsinki by water.

Further information:
Address: Merikannontie 8, 00260 Helsinki
Phone: 040 0760049
Opening hours: Open every day around the year, from early morning until late at night!


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