One of the things we love most about Helsinki are its islands. Small, secret islands where you can wonder and feel like you are outside a city capital. Helsinki being a « sea city », it’s not a surprise that one of Inside Out Helsinki's coup de cœur is Unisaari, because of its easy access and proximity to the city. Despite its small size, you can still find your peaceful quiet spot to relax in. Located near the city centre, close to the harbour, the island consists of two parts, separated by a narrow strait. The island covers about 3 hectares. One of Uunisaari's particular charm consists in linking 4 different small islands together through bridges, breakwater, etc. So asides from Uunisaari, you have Liuskasaari, Liuskeluoto and Sirpalesaari. 

=> A little history : an oil boilery and paint factory once operated on the island. Coffins were also made here. 

What we love about Uunisaari are its many faces:  you can either go swimming, enjoy the sauna, sit on the rocks or beach, enjoy a cup of coffee at Uunisaari’s restaurant, or take a stroll to other islands surrounding it.  What makes the place special is its 360 view from which you can choose whether you want to look at the sea, shore, harbor or other small islands. 

Co-founder Emilie McDermott discovered the island during a mid-summer full moon night summer 2015. She immediately fell in love with the vibration, the easy going summer feeling. The scrumptious take away pizzas from Skiffer that you can eat with a Pale Ale along the harbor, and then the wandering around the island during the wee little hours of the night, only to return to Helsinki land shores by row boat in the early morning... 

Co-founder Hanna Rast absolutely loves the island's old, industrial buildings and small houses. You can still have that little sense of history, when the oil boiler and paint factory used to operate on the island. 

=> Good to know: During the winter you can come for free since they set up a pontoon bridge from the harbor. During the summer time there’s a boat service with the regular Helsinki travel cost to enter.

Further information 


Located in Southern Helsinki, south from Kaivopuisto

How to get there:

From the city center you can get closest to the place by Tram 3 (to Olympiaterminaali) or by busses number 18 (to Eira - final stop)  or 24 (to Merikatu - final stop). By walking it's about 2,3 kilometers and takes about half an hour to get there.

During the winter season, from November to April, there's a pontoon bridge from the shore.

During the summer season there's a water-borne traffic operating from Kompassintori at Merisatama (Kaivopuisto) to the island.


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