Mokum POP UP Second Hand // Vintage store

One thing interesting about living in Helsinki is witnessing new up and coming temporary pop-up stores and cafés.  Hard to talk about these ephemeral places without mentioning Mokum Second hand and vintage store, which has just opened.
Darja, who is half Finnish half Dutch and has been living in Helsinki for many years, owns the store. She has a thorough knowledge on materials, and clothes details, such as which year a certain attire was made in, et.c through her relatives who were making clothes and had keen interest on clothing field. Darja also has experience working in retail, as she was working before in a vintage store in Amsterdam. 

For Spoorman, pop-ups are an easy way to try out your wings. Mokum offers a mix of vintage and 2nd hand clothes. You can find for instance very unique pieces from Finland but also newer elements from more mainstream stores. Most of all it offers a very big variety of things, with a large price range, so everyone can find something they need. 

An interesting thing to point out is that Darja repairs, customizes and refurbishes decoration elements and clothes which are in sale at the store.  She also does styling: so let’s say you need a black vintage polka-dotted dress from the 1940s for your next video, Mokum is the door to come knock on.

=> Good to know: Mokum collaborates with recycling designers (such as Jussi Juselius who designs lamps from old glass bottle and Garbage Bag who remakes unique bags from old clothes etc.). 

What Inside Out Helsinki loves especially about this place is how friendly and honest the owner is: she has the skill to see what fits people, and she won’t hesitate to kindly tell you what you need, and what you don’t. You will always be welcomed with open honest arms, and you can be sure to find something here that has your name on it.
Mokum wants to offer well-recycled good quality clothes for people and bring color to Helsinki. It’s also a way to resist over-production (e.g. the temptation to always buy new clothes).

=> What Mokum likes about Helsinki? It’s an international city where you can dress comfortably and still look fashionable.
=> Future plans? Continue in the same place or open another pop-up store

Further information:
Address: Hakaniemen kauppahalli, 2nd floor, Booth 149/151.
Hämeentie 1a, 00530 Helsinki, Finland
Opening hours:
Wed-Sat: 10 am – 4 pm
Phone: +358 402460228


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