You know those type of shops where you just feel like buying absolutely everything, and everything looks beautiful and seems to have it's own special place. Cilla's fits this description to a T. It's an exquisite small boutique located in Alppila neighborhood - near Kallio - that specializes in lifestyle products: from organic candles and soaps, to sustainable home decor and homewear.
The lovely owner Cilla’s started this shop as a "feel good" webshop offering a small boutique-type service and atmosphere on the internet. She wanted to create a lifestyle concept where you could find several "feel good” products to make your everyday life a little bit more beautiful and cheerful. 

The actual store opened in Alppila Helsinki in February 2014 and Cilla’s Feel Good product line was launched in November 2014. 

When you are in Cilla's you understand why for the founder:  
"Feel good also means sustainability"
 Finns can sometimes be known to be more on the conservative side when it comes to interior decoration. They tend to go all the way during big family celebrations, e.g. Ylioppilasjuhlat - Finnish high school graduation celebration - or Rippijuhlat - Confirmation or Communion celebrations. 
Cilla wanted to make it easier for people to make their homes extra cosier and livelier, by adding small changes and details, such as new cushions, lanterns or tea selections and cups.  So you can change your insides without having to go all over the top. 
And that's exactly what InsideOut Helsinki loves about Cilla's: the attention to detail. Everything is tasteful, and high quality. And you really do feel that by buying a set of towels from the Organic Company, Cilla's special handsoap, and a scrumptious homemade cookie mix, your home will feel well ... more like home :).  
Cilla's is there to help you create the perfect environment of togetherness and take a break from the hustle and bustle that life can throw at you. 

Cilla is not originally from Helsinki but loves living in the capital. Like InsideOut Helsinki cofounder Emilie, she fell in love with the peaceful atmosphere here, the perfect mix between a big and small city, where it's easy to get by, and not stressful like other European capitals. The idea of a truly feel-good shop couldn't make more sense than in Helsinki. 
What we love about the boutique is how attentive to customers it is. Constantly renewing itself, seeking new opportunities to meet customer's expectations and wishes, and having them feel like they are also a part of Cilla's adventure. 

=> Good to know: The Viipurinkatu Shop will soon turn into a small Christmas boutique, filled with adorable gifts and decoration items, as well as new products from Cilla's line at the beginning of 2016. 

Further information:
Address: Viipurinkatu 8, 00510 Helsinki
Phone: +358 442220269
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-15pm