If I designed a club it would look like this one. A big wooden box, a great sound system, a Rotary mixer in the booth and working turntables (which is not a given these days, unfortunately). Combine that with a very open-minded crowd and great programming and you have Kaiku. The people behind this place are in it for all the right reasons and pure love of music – and you will notice it when you’re there - The Guardian

Kaiku - which interestingly enough means "echo" in Finnish-  is one of the first clubs Inside Out Founder Emilie was introduced to when moving to Helsinki. Located in the trendy Kallio neighborhood, the club is established in a former warehouse which used to manufacture matches and bread. The complex is now the home not only of Kaiku, but also several other of Helsinki's top nightlife spots, such as Siltanen and Kuudes Linja. It's a great escape from some of central Helsinki's more mainstream and commercial clubs.

Recently listed by the Guardian as one of Europe's top night clubs, music lovers from around the globe flock to Kaiku, to listen to some of the best DJs in town, and worldwide as well.

Don't feel discouraged by the usual long line that will await for you on weekends. Because, Kaiku is definitely worth the wait. You see this isn't your typical nightclub. The vibe and feeling you get depends on where you are. Outside, under the patio, is a laid back ambiance, where you can sip a beer, and enjoy the fresh air before going back dancing. A floor above is a cosy bar, with chairs and table, and a Berlinesque decor to hang out in, before joining the spacious dance floor, and vibrating to the pulse of an amazing sound system.

Kaiku has some pretty amazing bartenders as well. You can enjoy a sip of club Maté, before getting lost in time to the music.
=> Good to know, the music depends on which DJ is playing, so make sure to check out the program beforehand. The sound here is usually techno and house.

Further information:

Website: http://clubkaiku.fi
Address: Kaikukatu 4, Kallio, Helsinki
Phone: +358 45 1111466
Open everyday from 10 pm to 4 pm.


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