Zodiak's main entrance. Fun fact: the Z at the back of the hall is originally Nokia's N.

Both Inside Out Helsinki founders, Emilie McDermott and Hanna Råst, are dancers. It was therefore natural for us to cover such a unique must go-to dance institution as Zodiak.The special thing about Zodiak is that it is an “umbrella-venue” for the freelance contemporary dance, dance makers AND also for the audience. At Zodiak’s core is the belief that art should come first; artists are still very much involved in the decision-making process and the shaping of the Center’s activities. Once a choreographer/production is selected in Zodiak’s performance program, they have full trust in the artistic team, and do their best to help them create their work.

=> Good to know: in addition to co-producing new contemporary dance works, Zodiak also organizes several dance courses per season. They are mostly open for anyone who wants to participate (no need to have a dance background). 
Zodiak is a vital part of Helsinki's contemporary art scene, which in itself is very active and lively at the moment. There are a lot of artists who move fluently between different art forms, and by doing so, cause the art forms (dance, theatre, visual arts, music) to evolve and take new forms.

Image above is shot from the rehearsal for the show Divine - New Age musical by Go Go tanssiryhmä Kuumat Putket which is coming on December 2015.

Image of the braids and the wide view below are from a new show Epic Failing by Maija Hirvanen which has it's premiere on Wednesday 11th of November.

Image above: © Zodiak, Anna Cadia - Paula Salminen - Satu Herrala: Merenneito Annabel ja surullinen Marjatta (Fall 2015). Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

The history of Zodiak begins in 1986, when an association called Zodiak Presents was created. It was a loose production collective set up by five female freelance choreographers. Zodiak marked a departure from the tight-knit group identity of Finnish dance companies founded in the 70’s and 80’s in that each choreographer has always been free to work independently with the artists of their choice, irrespective of whether they are Zodiak members. For ten years Zodiak Presents played an active role as a production cooperative for independent dance artists, premiering an average of 8–10 productions annually, motley at the Cable Factory.

In 1997, Zodiak Presents entered a new era by reinventing itself as the Zodiak – Center for New Dance, now with the mission of becoming a broader, more inclusive forum for both the dance profession and the general public. Zodiak – Center for New Dance premiered its first production at the Helsinki Cable Factory in February 1997. The Centre inherited its artist-led philosophy and independent production model from Zodiak Presents.

Helsinki’s dance scene is fairly active: most of the Finnish contemporary dance scene takes place in the Helsinki area. Helsinki is definitely the place to be, if you’re a dancer living or coming to Finland. 
=> Zodiak is one of the few places in Helsinki where you can see dance, and only dance, throughout the year.

Image above: © Zodiak, Sonja Jokiniemi: Hmm (Spring 2015) Photo: Timo Wright

=> What to look forward to: the next big thing for Zodiak is the year 2017 when Zodiak-Center for New Dance will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and the organization behind Zodiak (i.e. Zodiac Presents) celebrates its 30th anniversary. The second big project in the future is the House of Dance at the Cable Factory  To be continued... 

Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Further information

Zodiak stage entrance is through glass doors marked with the letter V. Doors open one hour before each performance. While waiting for the performance, the audience is invited to read culture magazines provided by Kultti ry and to enjoy the Zodiak Cafe. Buy tickets in advance!

Zodiak office is located at staircase B, 1 1/2 floor. Office is normally open between 11 am and 4 pm. Contact info of our staff can be found by scrolling down this page.


Tel. +358 (0)9 694 4948

Fax. +358 (0)9 562 5805

Postal address:
Tallberginkatu 1 B/154
FIN-00180 Helsinki

Full program and more info: www.zodiak.fi


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