Nide Kirjakauppa

Both Hanna and I are in love with bookstores. We covered a few months ago wonderful Arkadia, and its second hand wonders. Now, as artists, we are going to talk about a very special art bookshop today : Nide, which means book binding in Finnish.

There are quite a lot of things happening at the moment in terms of independent book scene in Helsinki. For one thing, it's important to mention some really great small publishers (e.g. Kosmos, Poesia) and some great, more established ones (e.g. Siltala, Teos). There's also a really good literary festival, Helsinki Lit. They're doing their second festival this spring with some interesting literary evenings and poetry jams to look forward to. The independent bookstore scene hasn't been really that active for many years. One thing Helsinki especially lacked was good art & visual culture bookstores, but now Nide is here to fill in the gap.

At Nide, you can discover so many different kinds of books, so everyone can find something for themselves. To see and feel artbooks in your hand is very important, you cannot get that feeling if ordering from internet. Also when ordering from internet there's no possibilities for coincidence: when browsing your favourite art books from the shelf, you also may find something intersting and new, you didn't know about before.

We really appreciate that Nide opened it's doors on December 2015. After Kiasma and many other museum and book stores have closed down their art book section it was the perfect timing!

Nide started as a brainchild of Terhi Jääskeläinen and Joose Siira. Terhi was a founder of Kiasma Store in 1998, and has since been managing both Kiasma and Ateneum Bookshop as well as shops at Cable Factory and Korjaamo. Joose started at Like publishing house back in 2001. He has been responsible for Like Bookstore and Korjaamo Shop before shifting to Kiasma Store in 2011. 
In 2014, Kiasma underwent renovation and at the same time terminated the rental contract with their former employer Rosebud Books. After the renovation, they opened their own museum store. Terri and Joose lost their jobs at Kiasma and started planning their own bookstore, and searching for a suitable space in Punavuori area. Last September, they found a perfect spot in Fredrikinkatu, next to  legendary antiquarian bookstore, Hagelstam.

Books are their passion and you can feel it. They are in love with the books they sell. Being a small brick and mortar store, they offer more personal face-to-face consultation for customers. Many customers appreciate a place they can browse and enjoy books without rushing. Here, they have the possibility to find something new, something they didn't know about before. 

The most interesting books are selected by hand from different publishers, and the focus is mainly on art and design books by international publishers, as well as selected Finnish fiction and non-fiction. In addition, Nide sells art, design, fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as high-quality paper products.

On the right installation for Punis - Sanna Mander’s and Andrei Huhtala’s new version of little red riding hood

=> Things to look forward to in 2016: 
 On February 23rd,  Raisa Porrasmaa, a translator of Takashi Hiraide and Haruki Murakami, will be a Nide guest. 
On February 27th, Napa Books will open their pop-up kiosk at Nide premises. 
On March 3rd, Helsinki Lit will announce their literary guests and program for the 2016 festival, and Nide will be working with them this spring as well. 
In addition, stay tuned for lots and lots more coming up in the near future :) . 

Further information:

Address: Fredrikinkatu 35, Helsinki
Telephone: +358 50 460 0337
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat 10am – 5pm


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