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A while ago we wrote about B-Smokery restaurant and its scrumptious meat selection. It's not a surprise that we have to mention its little sibling, B-Side bar, which is one of our favorite Helsinki bars.  B-Side manager Christian Giordano had some mutual contacts with B-Smokery owners and reached out to them when he moved to Helsinki. His background is in hotels & restaurants and he has experience with cocktail design and liquors, especially American Whiskey. The idea of an American Whiskey Bar went along great with BBQ concept at Smokery and this is how B-Side was born.    

At B-side you almost feel like you are somewhere in Brooklyn or even Berlin, which Christian attributes to its open atmosphere: 
We wanted to bring things back to street level and make everyone feel comfortable to explore some drinks they haven't tried before.   
C-Side menu was recently added: it's like a bar within a bar. On Fridays and Saturdays ,B-side offers reservations or walk-ins for up to 6 people at their small bar. You get a personal bartender that can customize a menu for you made of different tastings of cocktails, whiskies or beers. You get to sit at the bar and watch them make the drinks and learn the nitty gritty of how and why things are made. 

B-side bar specializes in American Whiskey and have one of the largest selections in Finland (about 31). You can find some special ones that you can't get anywhere else, like High West, which is great to try.  They don't have a ton of fridge space for beers, so they try to keep an ever changing quirky selection on hand.  The bar hopes to stock things people have not tried before and are also well prepared to talk about beer.  

=> B-side Bar tip : Another fun thing to try is a pickle back; it's a classic American Whiskey combo. You have a shot of Whiskey and a shot of Pickle Juice or Brine to chase it down.

=> B-side bar recommends their smoked Negroni as a must-try cocktail. They smoke the Campari at B-Smokery and make an awesome cocktail with Gin and Sweet Vermouth. It goes great on its own or with food. And we also in Inside Out Helsinki love that smoky taste too.

=> Things to look forward to at B-side bar: They have an awesome slate of summer events planned starting with their terrace opening on May 6th. The Terrace is currently being redesigned and they are adding some fun new features like games and an outdoor DJ booth. In addition to Teurastamo events, they are partnering with Jim Beam for a big American Whiskey event on June 10th & 11th.

Further information
Address: Työpajankatu 2, Teurastamo, 00580 Helsinki
Opening times: Tue-Thu: 3:00 pm - 12:00 am // Fri-Sat: 3:00 pm - 1:00 am
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bsideHKI/
Phone: 044 9883686


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