Winter Garden // Talvipuutarha

Helsinki - especially for people who are used to living in crowded international capitals such as Paris or New York - is already quite a peaceful and calm city in itself. Streets are wide and traffic jams are rather unheard of. And hey, what's not to love about Helsinki being a seaside city? 

If you are however in need of an extra bit of calm and peacefulness, InsideOut Helsinki has just what you need. The Helsinki Winter Garden (in Finnish: Helsingin Talvipuutarha) is a greenhouse open to the public located near the Eläintarha Park north of Töölönlahti in Helsinki. It's a beautiful and relaxed place, perfect for days when you feel like escaping the city.  

The greenhouse was designed by architect Gustaf Nyström and built for General Jakob Julius af Lindfors. The garden opened to the public in 1893.

=> Insider tip: The winter garden has many small hidden spots, with tables and chairs, where you can retreat and find you very own special little "garden spot", and experience the place's tranquility.  You can also bring your own food with you and arrange a little picnic or brunch if you feel like it!

The winter garden houses a wide variety of plants, including  more than 200 plants in three different locations: in the palms room, in the western wing and in the cactus room.

You know those dreary long Helsinki winters where the sun just appears to be hibernating? Escaping to the winter garden is a great day to fight those winter blues, as a summer-like atmosphere prevails year-round. 

Aside from its gardens, you can stop and enjoy its fountain and pond full of Koi carps.

=> Good to know: At the end of the greenhouse, there is a mural painted in 1893 by Salomo Wuorio.

Further information: 

Hammarskjöldintie 1
00250 Helsinki
Opening hours:
Tue 9am-3pm, Wed–Fri 12pm-3pm, Sat–Sun 12-4pm. Rose garden open in summer daily at 7am-9pm.
+358 (0)9 3103 9985


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