Kahvila Siili

The summer café Kahvila Siili (literally Café Hedgehog) is located in the lovely neighborhood of Puu-Käpylä, which is one of Helsinki’s oldest suburbs with wooden buildings. Kahvila Siili is located in one of these houses that, back in the day, boasted a dairy shop frequented by locals. The café owners felt that it was important to re-establish a sense of community and to create a place where one can relax and meet friends and neighbors.When InsideOutHelsinki visited Kahvila Siili, we immediately fell in love with its snug character and nice mixture of people ranging from families to senior inhabitants. The atmosphere is very welcoming.

Kahvila Siili offers a broad variety of baked goods and pastries, which come from patisseries Petitpas and Teemu & Markus. Their tasty Square Mile coffee originates from San Fransisco and is provided by the Finnish barista champion Kalle Freese. In addition to the daily products they serve brunch on weekends. They also have something special for the kids: Babyccino, which is cappuccino without the espresso part.

The interior is tiny and cute. You will find wall decorations by COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin design). The overall look is very Helsinki-like: minimal, fresh and lightly colored. On a sunny day you can sip your coffee in the terrace and, if you are lucky, you may even spot one of the hedgehog residents of the area.

 Kahvila Siili will be open until the end of August and will open its doors again next summer.

More information:
Address: Ilmattarentie 8 C, 00610 Helsinki
Opening times: every day  from 11 to 20 (Sun 11-18) until the end of August
Phone: 040-522 8401

Mentioned patisseries: http://www.patisseriepetitpas.fi/ and http://www.patisserietm.fi/
Mentioned designers: http://www.com-pa-ny.com/#


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