Sinisen huvilan kahvila

Sinisen huvilan kahvila (in English Blue Villa’s Café) is located in the beautiful area of Töölönlahti, right next to the central railway station. The Töölönlahti is well known for its beautiful villas in the Linnunlaulu area (Bird’s song, name of one of the villas) build in the nineteenth century.  In the very heart of this area also exists this charming little café.

The café is owned by Päivi and Lassi Helenius and it has been up and running since 1995, which means that this year they are celebrating their 20th birthday. In the beginning the café used to have only few tables and regular coffee to offer, but they have since expanded their product selection and offer special coffees like cappuccinos, lattes, dark and lightly roasted regular coffee with a wide variety of sweet and salty baked goods and pastries.

Indeed, the generous selection of cakes, pies and buns, which are made by their own pastry maker, are their pride and they wanted to keep the selection straightforward and home made from the beginning. Besides the bakings, blue villa’s café offers daily soups and sandwiches. You can find the soup menu on their website

What insideouthelsinki especially likes about this place is its tranquility and easy reachability near the city center. The tables and chairs are all outside, which means that the café is very weather-dependent, but when the sun is shining, it is a perfect spot to sit down, relax, read a book, meet a friend and watch the beautiful view over the Töölönlahti.

Sinisen huvilan kahvila
Address:Linnunlauluntie 11, 00530 Helsinki
Opening times: Every day from 10:00-22:00 (From April to September)
Phone: Kahvila: +358 50 4080816 // Lassi Helenius: +358 40 5018168 //Päivi Helenius: +358 50 5021115


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