Arkadia International Bookshop

Trying to put Arkadia International bookshop in a box, is impossible.

Of course, as its name indicates, it sells a multitude of second hand books, in excellent shape. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It what other bookstore, can you sip delicious Russian tea, play pool, isolate yourself in a Chapel made of books, find a whole entire section on the Vietnam war, or play the piano?

Arkadia is truly Ali Baba’s cavern. And what’s pleasurable is that it remains uncluttered and clean, which adds extra depth to its soothing atmosphere.  The owner, Ian, who is British and French, has a special way of storing books, in boxes, according the author’s name, and invites readers to open the boxes and “be curious”. 

If you are afraid of reptiles, don’t be taken aback by the presence of a friendly snake, which was given to the bookstore by two scientists after a conference they had given in Helsinki. 

=> Good to know: Arkadia hosts weekly events - from art performances, to lectures and poetry readings. Its' rich programming is always original and well organized and is a perfect way to meet fellow Helsinkiers. 

We were so enchanted by the bookstore that we decided to make a small video, the first in a new video series that will be incorporated here and there on Inside Out Helsinki, on Arkadia, and share a special little story behind the bookshop. Watch, and maybe you will meet your match here, who knows?  

Further information

Address : Nervanderinkatu 1100, Helsinki, Finland


Ian Bourgeot: +358 59 325 1829
Liisa Bourgeot: +358 50 532 7296

Opening hours: 

Tues-Fri : 12 to 7 pm
Sat : 10 to 6 pm
Closed on Mondays and Sundays


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