Nuuksio National Park

If you feel like getting the experience of Finnish wilderness, but have limited options in terms of traveling around and in Finland, Nuuksio national park is a great option for you. You will encounter beautiful landscapes, breathtaking lakes and forget you are only about thirty km of Helsinki.

Founded in 1994, the Nuuksio national park is about ​​45 square km and covers the municipalities of Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti. It is the closest national park to the capital and its name is derived from the district of Nuuksio in Espoo.

The national park is located in the most western part of the Nuuksio lake district. About a dozen of endangered or soon to be animal and plant species inhabit the lakes and forests of the region. The most famous of them, is the Siberian flying squirrel who is also the park’s emblem.

Bears, wolves, lynx and elk also inhabit the area, but your chances of getting up close and personal with one of these friendly beasts are virtually nil.
There are three marked trails for hiking as well as areas for barbecue, camping, and smoke sauna. All of these are located on lakes’ banks.

=> Good to know:  you can also enjoy cross-country skiing, picking berries and mushrooms.
In addition to the four camping spaces, it is also possible to rent cabins and cottages near the main entrance.

=> To reach the park from Helsinki, the quickest solution is to take the train from Helsinki railway station to Espoo center and then take 85A bus.

Make sure you check out Finland’s “every man’s right”, about the dos and don’ts in Finnish wilderness:

For more information:

Nuuksio Customer Service number +35840 163 6200


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